Who we are

     Everyday Engineering was founded on the premise that life’s problems are vast and require tailored solutions. Creating the solution is the easy part, recognizing the problem is the hard part. Here at Everyday Engineering, we pride ourselves in determining the best and most cost effective answer to life's problems.

     We believe in producing quality products that are built to last. To ensure superior quality, our raw materials are locally sourced and all of our products are designed and assembled in the United States of America. 


Products for:

  • Various industries

  • Home

  • Tools

  • Outdoor goods

  • Travel accessories

  • Food products

  • Exercise equipment

  • Recreation

  • Fun and games


Solutions for:

  • New products

  • Home solutions

  • Business efficiency


Solutions with:

  • Design process

  • Research and Development services

  • Project management

  • Concept generation

  • Technology research

  • System efficiency improvements

  • Bill of Material generation and sourcing

  • Cost reductions


Prototypes for:​

  • Functional working

  • Aesthetics for photography

  • Testing for R & D

  • Proof of concept

  • Crowdfunding campaigns