Cubo is an elegant and innovative way to store your cutting boards. Its versatility gives you the option of storing it as a show piece on your counter top or as a space saver in your cabinet. 


  • We stand behind every product we make and understand that a warranty can be nothing more than hollow words. Instead we offer a guarantee. A guarantee that this product will last far longer than you ever thought and if for some strange reason it does not, we will replace it for free. Our belief in the products we sell stem from our experiences as consumers and strive to give what we would expect in return.

The set comes with 3 cutting boards

shot boards out 5.jpg
  • 1 Maple face-grain cutting board sourced from USA lumber and manufactured in Chicago. The quality wood is built to last and every piece is hand inspected to ensure the premium quality.

Maple cutting board
Maple cutting board
Maple cutting board
  • 2 plastic cutting boards made of FDA approved high-density polyethylene. These boards use material sourced in the USA and manufactured in Chicago, IL. Unlike the competition, whose sources are from unknown Chinese suppliers, we pride ourselves in finding the best local manufactures so we know exactly where it’s coming from and who it’s coming from.

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