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CuBo was designed to serve multiple purposes in one elegant and functional design. The idea originated from an everyday kitchen hassle that has annoyed me for years:

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner when I needed to cut a piece of chicken. After preparing, cutting, and putting the chicken in the pan to cook, it was time to cut the vegetables. The only issue was my cutting board was now infested with salmonella and needed to be scrubbed clean. If only I had another spare...​

The cutting board calamity continued. The only place in my kitchen where the long cutting board would fit, was in an under-counter cabinet. Every time I went to grab the cutting board it was either buried under pots and pans, obstructed by Tupperware, or hidden within the contours of the cabinet. If only I could place it in a more convenient location.​..

And so the CuBo was born. The versatility of CuBo allows it to function as a show piece on your counter top or as a space-saver in your cabinet. CuBo is made of locally sourced maple and handcrafted in Chicago. Every unit is assembled with the utmost attention to detail in order to ensure a superior quality that will last the test of time.

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Cubo black
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Cubo comes in three different colors to match the theme of any kitchen: 

Cubo comes with three cutting boards​:

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  • 1 Maple face grain cutting board sourced from USA lumber and manufactured in Chicago. The quality wood is built to last and every piece is hand inspected to ensure the premium quality.

Maple cutting board
Maple cutting board
Maple cutting board
  • 2 plastic cutting boards made of FDA approved high-density polyethylene. These boards use material sourced in the USA and manufactured in Chicago, IL. Unlike the competition, whose sources are from unknown Chinese suppliers, we pride ourselves in finding the best local manufactures so we know exactly where it’s coming from and who it’s coming from.

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The reason for offering both wood and plastic is the fact that each has certain properties that lend itself to certain uses. The combination set allows for any home chef to prepare a delicious meal without the worry of cross-contamination and time wasted re-washing used boards.

  • Wood cutting boards: Great for vegetables and most proteins. The wood surface helps to grip the food more than the plastic as well as the fact that wood’s solid surface makes for cleaner cuts.

  • Plastic cutting boards: Great for chicken and fish since the plastic will prevent bacteria from soaking into the board. Also, it will prevent any smells from onions or garlic from sinking into the pores and affecting the taste of other items you may cut after.

Custom laser cutting of logos, designs and names are available. This provides the customer with the chance to get something truly unique. 

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